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Property Choice
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Japan Car pages
Recent projects in and arround Saskatchewan. 
Houses, Shops & Offices ( Electrical , Plumbing and HVAC )

Ft. Worden: NI painting

 Marble Slab Creamery
Willowgrove  Saskatoon

University of Washington: NI painting
Green Leaf (Saskatoon)
Green Leaf (Saskatoon)


Mission Ridge ( Saskatoon)

Spicy Bite (Saskatoon)
Spicy Bite Restaurant (Saskatoon)
Private Residence (Saskatoon)
Private Residence (Saskatoon)
Spray Foam Company (Saskatoon)
Restaurant ( Sasaktoon)
Spray Foam Company (Saskatoon)
Spray Foam Company (Saskatoon)
Private Residence (Willowgrove)
Restaurant (Idlewyld Drive)
Private Residence (Rose Wood)
MoveNSoar -Saskatoon
Samosa King -Saskatoon
Spicy Garden -Saskatoon
Chinese Restaurant -Saskatoon  

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